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Chat-based AI assistant to help startup leaders connect and exchange with allies.
Reliable way for startup employees to influence and comprehend the idea.

Collective Intelligence

In a startup's rapidly-changing course it is important to keep in touch with people who make the product itself. Especially when the colleagues' numbers are scaling up: an old fashioned suggestion box doesn't work anymore – not every advice is trustworthy, nor every coworker is deeply involved into the idea.

But every leader still needs support and a reality anchor.



of companies have no formalized process to review and evaluate their employees' ideas



of startups mentioned team issues leading to failure



more profitable are companies with high employee engagement

What Eva DataScope is?

Eva DataScope is B2B SaaS-platform for scale-up startups. We know what leaders are dealing with at the most difficult stages of innovative project evolution. And are willing to help. In 2021 we became a part of The Pool Incubator.

Build on trust

Clear view of startup idea trajectory from reliable team members you chose – profitable exchange inside the company.

On the front line

Emotional leadership and employees involvement growth – direct solutions sharing with people, who know the matter.

Intuitive and accurate

Seamless in-business AI integration in the form of a chat-bot, real time statistics and factual data – visualized for you.

How Eva works?

Intelligent chat-bot for employees
Virtually communicates and collects opinions, ideas, emotions
AI-fueled statistics for leaders
Based on emotional calculations and semantic scanning
Clear perspective
Verbalized and safe solutions for startup from your best people

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Emotional leadership is the leader's ability to create and maintain connection based on emotional intelligence with colleagues. The need to maintain a focus on the people and their demands increases as the company scales up and diversifies culturally and quantitatively. This demands evolves consequently due to employee engagement rate: the more responsibility the more approval and recognition needed.

Our solution is perfect for Seed and Series A startups with more than 30 people involved. At this stage the initial growth brings more diversity into the team influenced by funds and members scale up. Leaders may feel disconnected with their colleagues, their decisions are often affected by investors and market, the original idea becomes blurry. Eva helps to operate ideas from your most talented startup members in close connection to the main goal. And don't forget the emotional leadership to prevent the team burnout.

We provide you with factual data about your relevant people's ideas, thoughts and demands. Let's say your team lead believes you don't need to waste this sprint on a new mobile app, but to look back at your desktop platform that glitches all the time and scares away the customers. You might even have talked about it a few retrospectives ago. Eva might help this useful advice to get to you as soon as possible in the form of data-based statistics that will show exactly how close this step will take you to your next goal in the startup trajectory. Voilà!

If you subscribe to our newsletter down below and request a demo-version before the final release, you will be able to have a free trial period and 200 euros on your account as a gift. For other cases we have different tarrifications: we provide various conditions that are comfortable with your exact team.

Your data is safe with us. We don't operate with third parties and will never share your information with someone else. Our company values privacy.

Contact us if your startup is a perfect match to our required numbers. You can see contact details, our social media or even request an email from us down below. If you are interested in cooperative growth, we are open to any form of connection. Recommend us to your colleagues and other startups that seek for Eva.

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